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Insights and Tips from 18 Experts

Is your head spinning around?
Are your knickers in a wad?
Don't know which end is Up or Down?

The bills are due, everyone 'needs' something, there's been a major event that hits close to home, relationships are strained, a job loss has wreaked havoc on your finances and your sense of self...

You want to feel encouraged - yet you feel a sense of hopelessness and there's a feeling of what's looming next around the corner.  Undeniably life is full of stress, yet sometimes, it just plain becomes chaotic.

Ask your self these questions--

pckmark Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed?
pckmark Are you fearful, overworked, and just plain exhausted?
pckmark Not sure what your life's purpose is all about?

What exactly is 'it' that stresses you?????

The big stuff Unhealthy relationships
The little stuff Health issues
Debt overload Excess mind chatter
Job loss The big stuff
Financial overwhelm Extra work responsibilities
Not knowing life's purpose Not feeling fulfilled


You know that you need to make some changes OR
your health will suffer; or maybe it is already suffering!!!

Do YOU have any of these Stress Symptoms?

Weight gain Difficulty sleeping
Decreased confidence Elevated blood pressure
Upset stomach Neck, shoulder, back pain
Difficulty concentrating Asthma
Lack of interest in sex Decreased productivity
Increased alcohol or drug use Lack of energy

Ultimately the goal is Wellness, right?


Did you know?

blkarrow Antidepressant use skyrocketed 400% in the last two decades

arrowblk One million US employees are absent daily due to stress or stress related conditions.

arrowblk 80% of workers feel stress on the job, and nearly half of those need help managing stress.

arrowblk Lost productivity due to common pain conditions costs employers over $60 billion annually.

arrowblk The cost of stress to business is $200-$300 billion anunually

We are in an era of super stress

Need Answers?

Join us every Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday
February 6 - March 14

7pm - 8pm EST
 6pm - 7pm CT
 5pm - 6pm MT
 4pm - 5pm PT

for the FREE
From Stress to Success
TeleSummit & Speaker Series

During the TeleSummit you will experience:

Taking care of oneself years ago was a luxury...
 NOW it's a necessity.

Our lives are speeding up...
Technology has advanced our communication, as well as caused additional stress...

Listen and utilize what these experts have to share and create a self-care survival kit.

This series is designed to integrate and honor your mind-body-spirit. There are times when life becomes overwhelming and we just need a little help to get through.

Go from Stress to Success with Help from these Amazing Experts:

Whether you think you can do something or not, you're right,
so you might as well think you can. ~~ Henry Ford

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~~ Dr. Christian Northrup says it best ~~
"My body and its condition, are a barometer
 that is always trying to tell me which direction to go
for my maximum creativity health and fulfillment.
And, because I'm human, I get off track now and
again, but, I can always get back on."

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